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The Twenty – One Mile House

Pau Lim, was certain to kill anyone who ventured into the 21 Mile House. Within that abandoned lodge he hid his victims, his horrible secrets and stolen Wells Fargo gold. Pau was no stranger to killing; one more victim meant nothing to him, and the Byers brothers and their wagon train were headed right his way!


Edith is a fifty year old veteran of World War II and once worked as an overseas intercept operative for the British OSS. Wartime trauma and the violent death of friends have taken their toll on her mind and she has lost the ability to cope. Now, housed in a remote sanitarium, she tries to deal with her all but forgotten past in war-torn France, the present horrors of captivity in a house for the insane, and an almost certain future interned with other “nuts”.

The Navy

From the long hours of CTR School in Imperial Beach to gripping ice and snow of Alaska and back down to an isolated military radio station near Malibu, readers will enjoy tales of one man's humorous hitch in the U.S. Navy.


A Novel of Adventure and Intrigue

Passport is the story of a holiday taken to a foreign country that turns into a nightmare. Mike Stanton leaves California to forget a nasty divorce only to find himself mistaken for an FBI agent who is caught up in the grips of an International Mob selling forged passports. While crewing on a sailboat, he overhears a guarded conversation and ends up being kidnapped. His “vacation” in Zealand suddenly becomes a life and death struggle.